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The Grenadine Shantung Tie

Made in Italy, Como 


(Traditional Luxury: €150-250)
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Family-owned workshop founded in 1900
100% "shantung" silk
(a wild silk with natural imperfections)
Woven on 19th century looms
Lining : silk
Width : 7,5 cm / Length : 148 cm

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The Grenadine Shantung Tie
The Grenadine Shantung Tie

The reason why

At Atelier Particulier, we like to push the limits! You know the weaving "Grenadine" (made on ancient looms, dating from the 19th century) and silk called "Shantung" (a rare  and wild silk, with a unique texture). Well, we decided to mix the 2! The result is simply gorgeous. Compliments guaranteed!

The highest standards

All our ties boast the highest standards : hand-sewn bar-tacks, loop thread, Italian made lining and interlining. Each tie is entirely handmade.

Atelier Alby


The Queen of silk

The grenadine is the most luxurious silk weaving. Its unique touch stems from the use of century-old wooden looms dating from the 19th century. Only two workshops still master this ancestral savoir-faire in Como.

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