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The Hemp & Wool Tie

Made in Italy, Como 


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Made in Como, capital of the tie
By a family workshop founded in 1960
Tie maker from father to son
Traditional hand-tied
Blend 75% Hemp & 25% Wool
Soft, with relief and easy to care for
100% silk lining
Finishing touches by a craftsman
(stitch, twist thread, handmade trifold)
Width 7,5 cm
Length 148 cm
Available in plain and checkerboard patterns

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The Hemp & Wool Tie
The Hemp & Wool Tie

The reason why

The city of Como is as famous for its lake as it is for its tie-making expertise. There, we found a traditional tie workshop, founded by Paolo. Seduced by its know-how and its history, we challenged Paolo to make a tie out of a material he had never worked with before, a mixture of hemp and wool. Yes, yes, hemp. Here is the result!

A textured tie

At Atelier Particulier, you know our passion for beautiful materials. Here, we have unearthed an Italian material that you won't often see on a tie. A mixture of hemp and wool which gives the fabric a soft, supple and fluffy hand. The visual aspect is not left out since the hemp brings a lot of texture to the tie

Enjoy wearing a tie again

Take back the fun of wearing a tie. Because the tie is a "pleasure" accessory, it was important to us to find a material for you with pep’s. A material that you will not find everywhere and that you will enjoy wearing every day. And, we tell you in 1,000, our tie goes with everything. In a business, casual or chic look, anything is possible! 

Paolo: 60 years of cravat-making

Paolo learned his know-how in the most famous tie-making workshops in Como. It was by practicing with seasoned craftsmen that Paolo learned how to hand-sew his first ties. Its finishes are clean and precise (tie-off and twist thread by hand). Now, Paolo ensures that his know-how endures and continues to live on in his workshop. A story that has lasted for 60 years. 

Fatto a mano

In Italy, we do not laugh with the tie. Object of passion, craftsmen and ties are committed to respecting the traditions of yesteryear. Us too. The ties in our workshop are handcrafted. It is only in this way that our workshop can give birth to beautiful pieces such as our Tie. "Fatto a mano" therefore. 

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