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The Chinato Silk Tie

Made in France, Paris 


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Handmade in Paris,
By a confidential craftsman founded in 1920
100% silk, mottled effect, woven in Italy
100% silk lining
Craftsman's finish
(stop point, twisting yarn, hand-made tripling)
Width 7.5 cm / length 148 cm

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The Chinato Silk Tie
The Chinato Silk Tie

The reason why

Two years ago, we unearthed the best hidden know-how in Paris: a hundred-year-old cravat workshop.
With it, we wanted to offer you a piece of character (that you won't see everywhere) made to last. And to help us in this mission, we asked our community for help. As a result, this tie was created by you. 

Your dream tie

At Atelier Particulier, we regularly want to prove our affection to you. So sometimes we decide to develop projects just for you. An example? We made this tie, hand in hand, with a dozen customers. They were the ones who chose the fabric, the colours and the dimensions of the tie. One objective in mind: to offer you the tie of your dreams. Mission accomplished?

The best hidden know-how in Paris

During our first meeting with our workshop, its manager told us: we are the best hidden know-how in Paris. And we won't contradict him. Founded just a hundred years ago, his small workshop, located in the heart of Paris, subtly plays with tradition and innovation. If the style of the tie has remained traditional, our workshop likes to exercise its know-how on fabrics that have a soul. Like the one we offer you today.

All the finishes of a great tie

Our ties have the best attributes: handmade "double-needle" stop stitch, twist thread, Italian-made trimming and silk lining. It is these finishes that make the difference between a lambda tie and an exceptional tie that you will keep for a long time. The word of a passionate person.

Texture, relief and style

This 100% silk fabric has a special history. We found it in the stockroom of our Parisian workshop, among 5,000 other references. What seduced us? Its hand, its mottled effect which is not without reminding us of Donegal wool, and its original style. But that's not all. It is also a vintage fabric, forgotten in the archives for 40 years. We have recovered all the stock so that we can offer you a piece that you won't find everywhere!

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