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The Cashmere Tie

Made in Italy, Como 


(Traditional Luxury: €200-300)

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Made in Como, capital-city of the tie
A family workshop founded in 1900
100% chiné Cashmere woven in Biella
100% silk lining
Craftsman's finishing
(stop point, twisting yarn, hand-made tripling)
Width 7.5 cm / length 148 cm

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The Cashmere Tie
The Cashmere Tie

The reason why

Our passion for Italian craftsmanship has brought us to Como, the great bastion of the tie. There, we found a workshop founded in 1900 that makes Italian ties in the old-fashioned way. Our Cashmere Tie is a great example. It is a perfect mix of traditional craftsmanship and modern style. And to go a little further, we have chosen a slightly chiné cashmere which brings pep. You're welcome ;)

100% cashmere

Cashmere at Atelier Particulier is a passion. We have been working with this material in all its forms for several years: scarves, gloves, plaids and now ... ties. For this tie, we have chosen a 100% cashmere thread, made in Italy. Its particularity? A mottled effect that twists the piece and gives it a little something that makes it unique.

Fatto a mano

In Italy, you don't make fun of the tie. Craftsmen are passionate about their work and are committed to respecting the traditions of yesteryear. So do we. The ties in our workshop are made by hand. It is only in this way that our workshop can give birth to beautiful pieces such as our Cashmere Tie. "Fatto a mano" therefore.

All the finishes of a great tie

Our ties have the best attributes: handmade "double-needle" stop stitch, twist thread, Italian-made trimming and silk lining. It is these finishes that make the difference between a lambda tie and an exceptional tie that you will keep for a long time. The word of a passionate person.

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