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The Women Merino Sweater

Made in Italy, Venice 


(Traditional Luxury: €300-400)

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A family workshop founded in 1965 near Venice
100% Australian merino wool
Merino wool (19,5 microns) from Tollegno
(one of the oldest filatura in Italy)
565gr of wool - 3 threads - Gauge 12
= a strong and warm sweater for winter
A particular « nid d'abeille » knitting stitch
Reinforced ribs
« fully-fashioned » assembly

Normal cut slightly oversize - Take your usual size

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The Women Merino Sweater
The Women Merino Sweater

The reason why

Today, we offer you a sweater inspired by the craftsmanship of the past.
A sweater designed to last (with 565gr of merino wool) as warm as it is breathable.
A sweater that you won't find everywhere, with a singular knitting stitch ("nid d'abeille") - dense and supple - and intense colors.
A sweater that celebrates the excellence of Venetian know-how and of a family workshop with a long history of 55 years.

A sweater designed to last

At the origin of this project, there is the desire to find the quality of the sweaters of yesteryear.
Let's start with "quality". We opted for an Australian merino wool spun by Tollegno, an Italian filatura which has exercised its know-how for 120 years. This wool is warm but also breathable, thermoregulating and does not itch.
The “quantity”, then. To make this piece as warm as it is durable, we have opted for 4 yarns and 760 g of wool for the men, 3 yarns and 565 g of wool for the women. Add to that double ribbing and you opt for a real armor against the cold :-)

A historic knitting stitch

The honeycomb stitch of our sweater (also called “nid d'abeille”) has a story of its own.
Its origin comes from the Aran archipelago in Ireland. In these 3 small islands, the climate is inhospitable. Difficult for sailors to protect themselves from the cold and the wind. By force of circumstances, women have become outstanding knitters of sweaters. They have developed a number of knit stitches, each with its own specificities.
Ours gives elasticity and suppleness. In other words, the mesh moves with you, never deforming. From a stylistic point of view, the honeycomb also brings an interesting texture and relief, which you will not find everywhere.
This stitch, we have associated it with a modern cut and deep colors.

A know-how of excellence

If Biella is the capital of wool, and Milan this of fashion, the Veneto is perhaps that of "real luxury" made in Italy. For this sweater, we called on the know-how of a family workshop located not far from Venice.
You know it: excellence is played out in the details and it is easy to cut corners on a particular operation, to gain in price. Not in Paolo's studio! We were surprised to find that no less than 10 different hands are involved in making a sweater. Take the ironing step. Often overlooked, it is here made with a metallic shape specially created for the sweater. The assurance that your sweater will not warp over time.

A family story

Created in 1965 by 2 brothers, the workshop is now run by Paolo (one of the children), his sister, his niece and his nephew. We are therefore in the 3rd generation!
Inside you can feel the 55 years of craftsmanship. The gestures are correct, the gaze lively. And the discussions passionate.
One subject often comes up: the transmission of know-how. Even if the craft industry is slowly coming back to the fore, there are few professional vocations. The ambition of Paolo and his family? Create a training school, to perpetuate know-how. With this sweater, we are proud to contribute to our level :-)

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