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The Leather Glasses Holder

Made in Italy, in Bergame 


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In the workshop of Marco and his team
Full grain leather
Reinforced leather - 3 mm thick
Vegetable tanned in Tuscany
Riveted double turn strap, for durability
Patina over time
16 x 7 cm
One size fits all
Fits all glasses

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The Leather Glasses Holder
The Leather Glasses Holder

The reason why

The holder is often the poor relation of our glasses and sunglasses. Hence the idea of associating exceptional Italian leather craftsmanship to create a timeless case. You won't feel ashamed when you take it out of your pocket, your bag or on the table near a drink. 

Marco and his team, a leather philosophy

Marco trained with Italian leather masters. He then moved to Bergamo where he set up a team of about ten people around his wife and daughter. He passes on to them his philosophy, which he sums up in one sentence: each piece of leather must be treated as if it were unique. His practice of leather goods thus returns to the roots of craftsmanship. He even claims to be against the grain of the luxury industry, which produces on a mass scale. 

Vegetable-tanned leather

Vegetable-tanned leather is a speciality of Tuscany, around Florence and beyond. This is the oldest method of tanning practiced by man. It relies on the tannins - the colour - of vegetable substances. Historically, oak bark baths held the upper hand. Today, many plants are used. But always to obtain colours that are soft to the eye and improve with time: vegetable tanning always develops a patina with use.

A glasses holder for years

We have chosen vegetable-tanned leather so that your case will last for years. It will live with you. Its colour will be affected by the passage of time and the marks you leave on it. Your glasses will be protected from time. For this, we asked Marco and his team of craftsmen not to split the leather too much. Also, the leather is 3 millimetres thick. The right balance between rigidity and flexibility. So that your glasses are in a cocoon protected from shocks and from what's in your bag!

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