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The Harcourt Sunglasses

Made in France, Evreux 


(Traditional Luxury: €300-400)

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Traditionally handmade
by one of the last French workshops
80/10 Acetate (the thickest and most resistant)
of the Italian house Mazzucchelli
Glasses from Carl Zeiss Vision
Anti-glare & anti-scratch
100% UV protection (cat 3)
Reinforced hinge "5 claws"
Ergonomic nose pads for total comfort
Supplied with microfiber case & square
Possibility of changing glasses at your optician's
For women
One size - sizing

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The Harcourt Sunglasses
The Harcourt Sunglasses

The reason why

In 2018, we set ourselves a challenge: to democratise the quality of French eyewear expertise. Since then, more than 8,000 of you have put your trust in us. This year again, we're back on the road to offer you a collection of exceptional sunglasses: handcrafted in Normandy, timeless design, top-quality Italian acetate, German Carl Zeiss Vision lenses... Discover Atelier Particulier's eyewear expertise as you've never seen it before!

The Sunglasses of the Stars

Our Harcourt Sunglasses are emblematic. Worn by the most famous stars of the 70s, their incredible success is linked to an unusual anecdote. Its wide acetate frame was designed to protect against the paparazzi. A few years later, its features were modernised. Its angular dimensions were slightly revised without losing the "oversize" effect. The result is that almost all faces can wear it!

The Made in Normandie Sunglasses

Did you know that eyewear was a French know-how of excellence?
Today, the workshops preserving this heritage can be counted on the fingers of one hand. At Atelier Particulier, we managed to find one of the last. In Evreux. Founded in the 1960s, our workshop and its 30 craftsmen are specialised in the creation of Haute Confection Sunglasses for the most famous brands. What makes it special? Of the 80 steps necessary to create our sunglasses, nearly 3/4 are still made by hand. That's what French eyewear expertise is all about. 

Acetate: the reference material in eyewear

In 2020, 90% of you wanted versatile, comfortable and stylish sunglasses. To meet this demand, it is difficult to do better than acetate. Acetate is made from a natural material: wood cellulose. Not to be confused with plastic! Acetate is perfect for eyewear.
Why? Because it is heat and mould resistant, strong, hypoallergenic and tolerable for all skin types. Ours comes from the world reference in the field: the Italian house Mazzucchelli, founded in 1849.
And we have chosen the thickest acetate - 80/10ths - and therefore the most resistant.

All the finishes of GREAT sunglasses

What is the difference between standard sunglasses and a GREAT ones?
As always, the devil is in the detail. Once the material has been selected, the shape still needs to be worked on, the lenses selected and the level of finishing defined. With our workshop, we chose not to choose. We only took the best. The shapes were designed by a designer & engineer specialised in eyewear. As for the lenses, we chose German ones, from the prestigious Carl Zeiss Vision® company. Finally, the ultra-strong 5-claw hinge and the ergonomic pads finish off our sunglasses. Convinced?

Tested and approved by 8,000 customers

For the past 4 years, more than 8,000 of you have been wearing our sunglasses and defending French eyewear expertise with us. Moreover, if our Normandy workshop was able to reopen its doors and relaunch its activity during the 1st lockdown, it is thanks to you.
We hope that we won't stop there. With these 4 new sunglasses, timeless and artisanal, we are sure that you will find the glasses that suit your nose :-)

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You can download a real size template here (to cut & try it or compare it to your favorite glasses).
Cellulose acetate is a malleable material; you can have your glasses adjusted at any optical center.