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The Sunglasses 3

Made in France, Evreux 


(Traditional Luxury: €300-400)

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Traditionally handmade
by one of the last French workshops
80/10 Acetate (the thickest and most resistant)
of the Italian house Mazzucchelli
Glasses from Carl Zeiss Vision
Anti-glare & anti-scratch
100% UV protection (cat 3)
Reinforced hinge "5 claws"
Ergonomic nose pads for total comfort
Supplied with microfiber case & square
Possibility of changing glasses at your optician's
Unisex model
One size - sizing

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The Sunglasses 3
The Sunglasses 3

The reason why

Compared to its big sister, these Sunglasses 3 are a little wider and rectangular. For the rest, nothing changes. It remains 100% unisex and almost universal: it corresponds to 90% of faces. It benefits from the same exceptional finishing and the same know-how.

Acetate: the best material for sunglasses

Acetate comes from a natural material: wood cellulose. Not to be confused with plastic! Acetate is perfect for eyewear.
Why ? Because it is resistant to heat and mildew, solid, hypoallergenic and tolerable by all types of skin. Ours comes from the best supplier in the world: Maison Mazzucchelli, founded in 1849.
And we favored the thickest acetate - 80/10 : the most resistant!



High performance glasses

Many of you were asking for more technical glasses - you will be served!
The great specialist in glass and optics has been solicited: the German company Zeiss. Neil Armstrong's photo on the moon? It was them! It's quite simple: they equip professional cameras and planetariums. Impossible to better.
Beyond the strict protection (100% UV protection, category 3), we have chosen an anti-reflective, anti-scratch and water repellent treatment. For all activities!

1 year of R&D to find the right shape

With the help of our workshop and its modeling tools, we reworked for one year the shape in its smallest millimeters.
The result: a shape that suits 90% of faces (male and female).
We also developed nose pads (you know, the parts that rest on the nose): this year, they are directly carved in acetate. And not stuck on the "face", as often. Result: comfort to any test. Tested and validated by the whole team! You can wear them for hours without effort and they will not fall.



The workshop of grandes Maisons

Did you know that eyewear was still a French know-how of excellence?
Yet, there are only 8 workshops in operation, and that's a shame. Most large houses now produce in Italy at best, in China quite often. But, at Atelier Particulier, we are committed to defending our know-how.
This year, we relied on a workshop from Normandy founded in the 1960s, a historical supplier of a well-known monogrammed brand. We have found all the necessary skills to make these Solar V2 a Haute Confection piece that you will keep for 10 years.

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Dimensions Sunglasses 2: 48-20-145
Dimensions Sunglasses 3: 52-19-145
Suitable for 90% of face shapes - male and female.
Compared to the 2, the Sunglasses 3 are a little wider.
You can download a real size template here (to cut & try it or compare it to your favorite glasses).
Cellulose acetate is a malleable material; you can have your glasses adjusted at any optical center.