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The Lisle Knee-socks

Made in Italy, Brescia 


(Traditional Luxury: €80-100)

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Two-ply weaving
3rd thread reinforcement (tip & heel)
Loop-stitched by hand
100% Egyptian Giza "long fibers" cotton 
Lisle finish
Height : knee-socks
Pack : 4x socks

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The Lisle Knee-socks
The Lisle Knee-socks

The reason why

In the purest Italian tradition, here is our knee-sock's version of our classic Lisle socks. Higher. More stable. Never falling down.

Fatto a Brescia

The tradition of Brescia in the sock dates back to the last century. It is in the heart of this Lombard city that we find among the best workshops in the world. Ours collaborates since 1980 with the biggest. Our socks have a reinforcement at the tip and heel, as well as a hand-remeshing.

The "cashmere" of cotton

Egyptian cotton Giza is known worldwide for its finesse and quality. This rare raw material - it represents less than 3% of the world's production - is harvested manually, in the old fashioned way. This guarantees the best purity; all without the use of chemicals. For the record, more than 2000m of yarn is needed for the development of a single pair.

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