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Les Chaussettes Rayées - Pack de 2

Made in Italy, in Brescia 


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Les Chaussettes Rayées - Pack de 2

Fatto à Brescia

Brescia's tradition in socks goes back to the last century. In the heart of this Lombardy city you will find some of the best workshops in the world. Since 1980, our workshop has been working with some of the biggest names in the industry. Our socks are reinforced at the toe and heel, as well as hand-tied.

An exceptional cotton

The material is the soul of a beautiful sock. Thus, our workshop made the choice almost ½ century ago to work only with high quality materials. Cashmere, French linen and merino wool to name but a few. Here, for this collection, it is an Egyptian cotton that has been chosen. Soft and precious, Egyptian cotton represents only 3% of the world cotton production. An exceptional material.

The World's Most Beautiful Socks School

The most beautiful and durable socks in the world have one thing in common. They are born from the same know-how: the House of Lonati. This knitting machine manufacturer is also a school that trains experienced craftsmen to master the most powerful and temperamental knitting machines. We are proud to give you access to these socks. Respectful of a century-old tradition, handed down from generation to generation.


How to wear it?

With this sock we suggest you add a little pep to your outfits. To change up plain, tasteless pieces, we chose a beautiful stripe inspired by the iconic sailor top. To highlight it, jeans, chinos and a pair of canvas or leather sneakers will go perfectly. !

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