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The Ripple Cashmere Scarf

Made in UK, Yorkshire 


(Traditional Luxury: €300-€500)
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Family workshop founded in 1797
100% Ripple Cashmere
(Ripple finish : rare & prestigious finish
that creates a unique touch)
40 x 180 cm

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The Ripple Cashmere Scarf
The Ripple Cashmere Scarf

The reason why

As a highlight of our collection, this 100% cashmere is a very rare piece. Its zibelino touch requires 15 days of manual work. A few workshops still master this savoir-faire. For what result? A soft and wavy unique touch. Don't miss it!

Founded in 1767

Did you know? In the North of England, the Yorkshire Dales Park is the source of pure and soft water. That's why the textile industry has been growing there since the 16th century. Since 1767, our workshop has developed its savoir-faire in cashmere products. Cashmere only. From raw wool to finish, it's developed a savoir-faire illustrated by its major role within the Sustainable Fibre Alliance. This international organisation aims at promoting sustainability within the whole cashmere industry.



The very best "Ripple" finish

Our workshop uses the best of cashmere, from sustainable farming in Mongolia. It's one of the last workshops to master the "Ripple" finish. Using thistles, the wool is meticulously rubbed until obtaining the wavy and luminous touch. As being long (15 days) and costly (manual work), this finish is very rare. A few brands still offer ripple cashmere, for prices ranging between €300 & €500.

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