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The Oversize Cashmere & Wool Scarf

Made in Italy, Biella 


(Traditional Luxury: €200-300)

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Family workshop founded in 1947
30% lightweight fine cashmere
70% merino wool
from Zegna Baruffa Filatura
(founded in 1850)
Ideal for both mid-season and winter
65 x 180 cm

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The Oversize Cashmere & Wool Scarf
The Oversize Cashmere & Wool Scarf

The reason why

The weather is cold but not enough for a thick scarf? On a solution! This oversized scarf (wide 65cm) 30% cashmere and 70% merino wool will accompany you in cool weather, between 5 ° and 20 ° C. An incomparable softness and mellowness, from fall to spring!

A transgenerational savoir-faire

The manifattura we work with only makes scarves, for the big luxury names. In the pure Italian tradition, its tradition goes back to 1947.

Atelier Maalbi


The capital of wool

We naturally turned to the wool capital, Biella and its region. Close to the Italian side of the Alps, Biella’s tradition in wool dates back to 1245 because of the extreme purity of its water, key to the quality of wool.

Soft and fluffy

Vous aimez les écharpes bien douces ? Alors l'Echarpe Voile de Cachemire et Laine est faite pour vous ! Un vrai cocon. Avec son tissage aéré, elle reste légère et ne se froisse pas. Testé et validé par l'ensemble de l'équipe, hommes et femmes confondus :-)

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A perfect companion all year long

If you live in France (or say, in a temperate zone) then you are inevitably confronted with the following dilemma: the temperatures oscillate between 5 and 20 ° C. Too warm to wear a big winter scarf and too cool to leave with nothing. This is where our scarf comes in! Large (65cm), soft and soft while being very light, it is suitable for the period from autumn to spring. Either 75% of the year!

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