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The Linen & Silk Scarf AP x Soieries du Mékong

Woven in Cambodia, in Benteay Chmar 


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200 products only

4th Edition of our "Dénicheurs du savoir-faire" operation
(100% of the profits will be donated to our Action Fund L'Arche du savoir-faire)

Made by Soieries du Mékong
A social and solidarity workshop supported by the Hermès Foundation
Traditional hand weaving
(made on ancestral Cambodian looms)
100% natural composition ideal for spring and summer
70% linen (for lightness) and 30% silk (for resistance)
Nice dimensions = 47x175 cm
Rare finishes: textured weave, hand-rolled fringes

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The Linen & Silk Scarf AP x Soieries du Mékong
The Linen & Silk Scarf AP x Soieries du Mékong

The reason why

Our quest for the finest know-how in the world sometimes takes us out of our comfort zone. This time, for the 4th Edition of Les Dénicheurs du savoir-faire, our trip took us to Cambodia. We brought back in our suitcase a scarf with exceptional craftsmanship and material. A summer veil that honors beautiful natural materials (linen and silk) and the traditional weaving tradition.

Defending an ancient savoir-faire

Soieries du Mékong is a committed workshop. Created in 2000 by the NGO "Enfants du Mékong", its raison d'être is simple. Redevelop and promote a traditional know-how, damaged by the war in Cambodia: the weaving art. Mission accomplished. In 20 years, the workshop has now enabled a whole community of craftsmen to live, but also and above all a large part of the village of Banteay Chmar.



Much more than a scarf

Soieries du Mékong has a know-how that is becoming increasingly rare. Each scarf is made on manual looms. As if time had stood still, artisans continue a tradition almost lost in Europe. We are proud to give you access to this know-how!

The same fabric as luxury houses

La soie est une institution au Cambodge. Soieries du Mékong sait la travailler mieux que quiconque. Mais pas seulement. Avec le temps, de nouvelles matières ont fait leur apparition : laine, lin, cachemire, etc. Chose rare, les matières utilisées par Soieries du Mékong font parties des plus prestigieuses et rares au monde. En effet, son statut d’association lui a donné un accès privilégié aux fils des grandes Maisons.

Atelier Boivin

Atelier Boivin

Together for savoir-faire

Soieries du Mékong is a project mainly made up of volunteers. Only artisans and 1 employee in France are paid. This ESS (Social and Solidarity Enterprise) then donates all its profits to the parent association Enfants du Mékong, to finance educational projects in the village of Banteay Chmar. With this collaboration, we too wanted to contribute to the promotion of this social project dedicated to know-how.

How to wear it?

Mixed, this scarf will accompany you from the first days of spring until the last day of summer. Its generous dimensions allow different types of knots. From the tightest to the looser. The idea is to give you the opportunity to adapt the port according to the time of day. In terms of breathability, linen plays its role of thermal regulator to perfection. And silk provides additional resistance!

Atelier Boivin

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