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The Donegal Merino Scarf

Made in Ireland, Donegal 


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Traditional weaving in Donegal, Ireland
by a family workshop founded in 1953
Original Donegal yarn (last spinning machine in the county)
100% Merino lambswool, warm and soft
Characteristic Donegal Fly Speckle
Each piece is unique
180x40cm to protect you from the cold

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The Donegal Merino Scarf
The Donegal Merino Scarf

The reason why

This scarf, we went to find it in the depths of Ireland: in Donegal.
Donegal is a colourful, mottled material that we enjoyed working with in a soft, warm and modern scarf. With the Donegal Scarf, treat yourself to a "pleasure piece" like no other.

A recognisable thread between 1.000

Since the 18th century Donegal wool has been popular with the public. Recognisable between 1,000, its colourful appearance and great resistance allow the creation of robust, protective and highly aesthetic knits and garments such as the "Donegal Tweed". Our scarf was designed with this image in mind: protective, warm but also and above all timeless.

Merino: a warm but soft wool

Heat is one thing. Softness is another.
Irish sheep's wool is tough, but it's rough and itchy on contact with the skin. Like the Irish weavers of the 19th century, we therefore preferred to choose a softer and more comfortable wool: Merino wool!
You will soon understand why: it is soft, warm, hypoallergenic, thermo-regulating and easy to care for :-) 

100% Donegal know-how

To make this scarf, we relied on the expertise of County Donegal, Ireland. The wool comes from Ireland's last Donegal wool spinner, Donegal Yarns. And it is made less than 100km away in a workshop you know well - the workshop where our plaids are made. Founded in 1953, this workshop excels at making strong, warm and durable pieces that last a lifetime.

Take pleasure in wearing a unique piece

Donegal yarn is so popular because it has the particularity of making each piece unique in the world. This is because each of our scarves has a different speckle. The richness of this weave is such that you will be surprised to discover new subtleties every day. This is what we call a "pleasure piece"!

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