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The Virgin Wool Scarf 2

Made in France, Saint-Etienne 


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A French family workshop
"Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant" Label
100% merino virgin wool
From Zegna Baruffa Filatura (founded in 1850)
40 x 200 cm (with fringes)

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The Virgin Wool Scarf 2
The Virgin Wool Scarf 2

The reason why

This is our first scarf made in France and - our workshop may close - perhaps the latest unfortunately. Looking for a classic piece, easy to wear, solid and usable in all situations (dress dressed as casual, varied temperatures)? Our Essential Virgin Wool is for you. Essential, as its name suggests.

The last made in France scarf?

This scarf is our first scarf made in France, and maybe the last ... We'll explain why.
Last year, we found for you a workshop near Saint-Etienne, which works for large houses. With him, we created this essential scarf.
But a few weeks ago, scarves barely made, our workshop announces that it will have to close (because yes, some customers continue to relocate to Asia ...). Appraisal: 30 jobs and know-how that may disappear (our workshop is labeled Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant).
Our hope? To be able to order a maximum of scarves this winter and allow him, perhaps, to continue.



70 years of experience

We would like to pay tribute to the expertise of our workshop, founded more than 70 years ago by the great-grandfather.
We asked this workshop in central France - one of the last to weave scarves - for its expertise.
We are delighted to have been able to collaborate with them and we sincerely hope that the workshop will be saved.

Merino wool from Zegna Baruffa

Here we chose a merino virgin wool called "extrafine" from one of the most famous spinners: Zegna Baruffa. But beware, our scarf is not less thick! In fact, "extrafine" qualifies the level of fineness (and therefore, softness) of the yarn. Here, we are talking about a wool of 19,5 micron finesse. About 5 times thinner than a hair! We guarantee it's very soft. And here is a secret: our spinner calls this wool "cashwool" - as its softness is similar to that of cashmere. Compared to a classic wool, merino wool will also be warmer.



Zegna Baruffa, King of wool

Zegna Baruffa is known around the world for the quality of her wool. Founded more than 160 years ago in Biella - the capital of wool in Italy - this spinning mill is an absolute reference of quality and know-how. She masters the whole chain, from the sourcing to the final dyeing of the threads.
Zegna Baruffa & its extrafine merino wool benefit from the best labels: OEKO-TEX, REACH and Tessile e Salute. So many certifications that guarantee the best respect for working conditions and ecological standards.

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