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The Linen Scarf

Blue -

For this new summer scarf, we asked for the 5th oldest Textile company in France: Lemaitre Demeestere. They have been working linen since 1835. Of course, this scarf is 100% linen - a perfect material for summer, durable, ecological and made in France. With its mini-chevron patterns and subtle colors, it will perfectly dress your summer outfits!

The Linen Tie

Prince de Galles Marine -

Once again, we went back to Como, to Paolo's studio, to develop this new tie. For sunny days, we have selected a 100% linen fabric. In terms of patterns, the famous "Prince of Wales" makes its first appearance at Atelier Particulier. A historical motif, revisited in a natural and modern material. What more ?

The Stresa Braided Linen Belt

Olive Green -

In contrast to the synthetic elastic models, discover here an original and high quality alternative: linen, a noble and natural material. This belt is both solid and versatile (to be worn with jeans, a chino or a dress) and will patina over time. An uncompromising piece that creates a bridge between Italian and French know-how.

The Linen, Wool & Silk Tie

Blue Stripes -

The city of Como is just as famous for its lake as it is for its craftsmanship in the tie. There, we found a traditional tie-making workshop, founded by Paolo. Seduced by his know-how and his history, Paolo was challenged: to make a tie in a material he had never worked before, a blend of linen, wool and silk. Here is the result! 

The Linen Throw

Natural -

Did you know that? Ireland is where the best plaids are made!
To find out for sure, we went there. In County Donegal, we found a family workshop founded in 1950. It is one of the few that is licensed to weave the famous Donegal Tweed fabric. A piece of history!
With him, we imagined a 100% linen plaid, which can accompany you in all situations: at the same time indoor plaid (for mid-season or summer), bedspread, picnic tablecloth or beach towel for 2!

The Linen Throw