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The Double Cashmere & Wool Scarf

Tartan #2 -

This exceptional limited edition combines two rare attributes: it is warm and thick on the one hand and very contemporary by its patterns and its reversible appearance on the other hand. A 2-in-1 scarf specially developed by our Scottish workshop for you.

The Baby Alpaca Scarf

Grey -

This limited edition scarf is exceptional as it's rare : baby alpaca is historically exclusive to Luxury Houses. Highly warm and soft to touch, this scarf boasts a modern style. First arrived, first served.

The Cashmere Women Sweater

Navy -

In 2013, we enjoyed a trip to Italy to visit the factory store of one of our favorite luxury brands: Loro Piana. On the program, exceptional materials and a timeless style.
But luxury has a price. After a few minutes, the chopper falls. Nothing was affordable for us. Disillusioned, we promised ourselves that one day, if we released a sweater, it would be a cashmere from Loro Piana.
This day has arrived. Our 100% cashmere sweater from Loro Piana is waiting for you :-)

The Ripple Cashmere Scarf

Grey -

As a highlight of our collection, this 100% cashmere is a very rare piece. Its zibelino touch requires 15 days of manual work. A few workshops still master this savoir-faire. For what result? A soft and wavy unique touch. Don't miss it!

The Leather Passeport Holder

Black -

Atelier Particulier accompanies you, even on holidays! To protect your passport for many years, Atelier Particulier offers you a piece of leather goods made in the rules of the art: French know-how, full grain leather from Tanneries Du Puy (the Rolls of leather), nice contrasting lining, also in leather. When chic meets sustainability.


The Virgin Wool Scarf 2

Navy -

This is our first scarf made in France and - our workshop may close - perhaps the latest unfortunately. Looking for a classic piece, easy to wear, solid and usable in all situations (dress dressed as casual, varied temperatures)? Our Essential Virgin Wool is for you. Essential, as its name suggests.