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The Supima Cotton Pique Polo

Made in Portugal, Porto 


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Made in Portugal, near Porto
A family-run knitwear workshop, founded in 1980
100% American Supima® cotton
Supima® quality = one of the highest quality cottons
- 1 in 3,500 cotton flowers is Supima® quality
- 35% longer fibre than a classic cotton
Made like a formal shirt
Sewn and ironed collar that stays in place
Natural mother of pearl buttonhole
Sewn and heat-sealed buttons
Durable and comfortable finishes: reinforced ribbing,
V ease at the hips, double stitching at the collar and waist

Gaël is 1m82 and wears a M
Semi-slim cut (slightly fitted)
Between 2 sizes, take the next size up

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The Supima Cotton Pique Polo
The Supima Cotton Pique Polo

The reason why

The pique polo shirt has become disposable. School chapters, works councils and associations have been offering them as gifts for three decades. The result? The quality of the garment has been steadily decreasing. It has therefore never been so difficult to find a quilted polo shirt worthy of the name. Together, we are going to give it back its letters of nobility: renowned know-how, beautiful material and quality finishing. Beautiful and well made.

An historical and versatile piece of garments

Born on the tennis courts almost a century ago, the pique polo shirt cultivates its sportswear origins. Versatility, comfort and solidity are the key points of a Polo with a capital P. For versatility, we opted for a semi-fitted cut and 4 easy-to-match summer colours. The quality of Supima® cotton coupled with the quilting know-how of our Portuguese workshop do the rest. You'll want to wear our Piqué Polo for a long time. Every day. 

The quality and softness of Supima® cotton made in the USA

At Atelier Particulier, you know our passion for superlative natural materials. For our Polo Piqué, we have selected a very beautiful variety: an American Supima® cotton. For the record, Supima® is a quality label that recognises the best Pima cotton fibres (35% longer fibres found in Texas and California). Only 0.03% of the world's cotton production has the Supima® label. The result? Probably the softest, most comfortable and durable pique polo in your wardrobe.

A beautiful collar that doesn't move

We didn't want to have a classic polo collar. Too soft and fragile for our taste, we opted instead for a collar that is closer to the world of the shirt. It is therefore "semi-rigid", with a so-called "French" shape and 5 stitches per cm. The result: our collar always stays in place, its shape is easy to combine and each seam provides a density and resistance that is rarely found these days.

A REAL buttonhole that doesn't come off

A quality buttonhole is based on two criteria: the material of the button and the fastening system.
For the material, we chose mother-of-pearl. Mother of pearl does not reflect light like a simple plastic, it iridesces. The result is much more elegant and authentic.
As for the fastening, our workshop offered us a finish normally dedicated to the buttonholes of formal shirts and coats: a seam + a thermo-welding of the button. To achieve this, our workshop uses Ascolite machines. You can say goodbye to popping buttons!

2 finishes that make a difference

Comfort and solidity mean specific finishing touches: the rib and the V of ease.
The ribs on the sleeves finish the seam. It's cleaner and more solid. Ours is a 1/1 knit stitch. Translation: a tight stitch, which keeps all its elasticity in the width. It adapts to the shape of the
arm, without being tight.
The V of ease is present at the waist. Reminiscent of the reinforcing swallow of a classic shirt, it provides extra ease when you are on the move.

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