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The Avila Supima Cotton Knit Polo

Made in Spain, near Madrid 


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Made in Spain, in Madrid
A family-run knitting workshop, founded in 1980
Knitted on the most advanced knitting machines in Spain
100% American Supima® cotton
Supima® quality = one of the most exclusive cottons in the world
- 1 in 3,500 cotton flowers is Supima® quality
- 35% longer fibre than conventional cotton
Textured and elegant "Waffle" knit stitch
Well-proportioned collar - 5cm wide - knitted in Milano stitch
Ribbed cuffs and waistband for a perfect fit
Buttons made from solid natural Corozo and eco-designed by Boutonnerie Lyonnaise
Fully-fashioned construction for a cleaner cut, greater strength and better comfort

Aurélie wears S size
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The Avila Supima Cotton Knit Polo

The historical savoir-faire of Spanish knitting

Did you know that? Spain is the European cradle of knitting. And our workshop, founded in 1980, has built its expertise on this heritage. The common thread is to preserve the authenticity of traditional knitting while modernising its technique. Our Polo Tricot was born from the know-how of several hands. Augustìn, the founder, works with his daughter Alicia. A sign of this exemplary quality is that our Tricot Polo is fully-fashioned: assembled without any scissors. The individual parts are knitted directly onto the piece. This is more elegant, solid and comfortable.



The "Waffle" stitch

"Waffle is the name of our knitting stitch. The recipe? 3 rows of knitwear right side up then 3 rows of knitwear reverse side up.
Result: a beautiful texture that changes from traditional polo shirts. It adds relief to the piece. And makes it breathable. It won't stick to your skin! Even in 30°C weather this summer.

The quality of the made in USA cotton

Do you remember the quality of Levi's jeans from the 80s? We do. The American brand achieved this durability through the quality of its cotton. Like them, we wanted to find cotton that met all our criteria: soft, strong and produced in good conditions. This material is Supima® cotton. It is the best possible cotton variety. Supima® cotton is a fibre made from American Pima cotton. This type of cotton is 35% longer than the others. Only 1% of Pima cotton production is labelled Supima®. A guarantee of exceptional quality. 



The finishing makes the difference

The collar. Well-proportioned, neither too short nor too wide, it has been entirely knitted in Milano stitch. This is a knitting technique that gives our collar the right balance between elasticity and density. Our collar is light, supple, but does not move. It never does.
The buttons. We chose Corozo buttons. Corozo is a small nut from South America. It is very strong, 100% natural and very beautiful.

A contemporary fit

What's the secret to a great fit on a knit polo? It's the ribbing. Without it, it is impossible to get a polo shirt that goes with the figure without ever yawning. And it's the secret of durability of knitwear that lasts over time.
So we paid close attention to the sleeves and the waist. Our ribbed cuffs are comfortable without being tight and uncomfortable. They reinforce the knit and guarantee that our polo shirt will age very well. 


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