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The AP x BERNARD ZINS Organic Cotton Pants (women)

Made by Zins workshop, in Portugal 


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3rd Edition of our "Dénicheur du savoir-faire" operation
(100% of the profits will be donated to our Action Fund L'Arche du savoir-faire)

Trousers made by BERNARD ZINS' workshop
Trouser maker since 1967
The French reference for luxury trousers for 60 years
Classic "4 seasons" trousers
100% organic cotton - 300g/m2
Washed, dyed and woven in France
3cm loops, suitable for all types of belts
Double darts on the front of the trousers
Sewn and thermo-welded corozo buttons
3 pockets
Made according to the "10 golden rules of BERNARD ZINS
Also available in men's version

Julie is 1.72m tall and wears a size 6
Straight, slightly tapered cut that follows the line of the leg and buttocks
Mid-rise waist
Between 2 sizes, take the smaller size

ATTENTION, this piece is on pre-order with delivery at the end of June (if you add an item in stock to your order, delivery will be grouped in June)

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The AP x BERNARD ZINS Organic Cotton Pants (women)
The AP x BERNARD ZINS Organic Cotton Pants (women)

The reason why

Here is the 3rd Edition of the "Dénicheurs du savoir-faire". BERNARD ZINS is an institution of the trousers in France. He is the inventor of what is called "industrial tailoring quality". Since 1967, his work has been respected and admired by the greatest fashion houses in the world. For our first pair of trousers, we couldn't have asked for a better partner in know-how. Today we offer you our reinterpretation of the BERNARD ZINS trousers. An unusual pair of trousers. As much by its history as by its quality.

Bernard Zins: the creator of French high-end trousers

The history of Maison Zins began in 1967. After a study trip to the United States, Bernard Zins and his wife decided to create their company. Their goal? To democratise the quality of tailoring for trousers. As an engineer, Bernard Zins used his knowledge to industrialise the key stages of the manufacturing process. Seduced by his innovative approach, all the fashion houses knocked on his door to create their own collection of trousers.

French organic cotton

For these trousers, we have chosen to offer you a beautiful material that you will rarely find on your trousers: an organic cotton braid washed, dyed and woven in France. Frank Zins and his team found this pearl in 2015 at the COP 21. It is a 350g/m2 "4 seasons" fabric, both solid and comfortable. The expertise of our weaver gives birth to a lightly textured fabric that goes with your entire wardrobe.

The 10 golden rules of outstanding trousers

The 10 golden rules of BERNARD ZINS are a very strict set of specifications that guarantee that each pair of BERNARD ZINS trousers - including our own - has the highest level of finish, durability and comfort. Among these 10 golden rules we find, for example, ultra-strong thermo-welded buttons, a reinforcement swallow at the crotch and pocket bags woven in Italy by one of the 2 best workshops in the world. And there are still 6 more to discover!

The most comfortable trousers in your wardrobe

For our first pair of trousers, we wanted to give you one that you would want to wear every day, in every situation, for 20 years. So we chose a mid-rise with double darts. It's more natural and comfortable. Even when you're sitting down. Aesthetically, it lengthens your figure. As for the cut of the trousers, it is designed to leave room for the thighs while highlighting the curve of the buttocks. Feel good and look good. That's our promise to you.

Trousers like this are not made anymore

At BERNARD ZINS, know-how is a story of time. Against the tide of fast-fashion, the House cultivates its difference. As a suit tailor might do, every seam and fold is fixed with an iron and steam press. This is the only way to get trousers with a perfect cut and folds. On average, Zins spends as much time ironing its trousers as its competitors do making them. A unique know-how.

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