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The Seersucker Swimshorts

Made in Portugal, Porto 


(Traditional Luxury: €200-300)

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2-in-1 swimshorts designed to be also used as shorts
Made by a family workshop near Porto
"Seersucker" waterproof fabrics
of a Portuguese house founded in 1939
25% Cotton / 75% Polyester
Resistant to chlorine, salt water and sunlight
Quick drying fabrics
Genuine mother-of-pearl buttons
Waterproof YKK zip
Coin pocket at the front
Side adjusters to narrow the waist
High quality mesh lining, which does not scratch!
Mid-thigh length
Available in S / M / L

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The Seersucker Swimshorts
The Seersucker Swimshorts

The reason why

This is the first piece of clothing we offer. So we doubled our efforts to be up to your expectations! But why swimshorts? Simply because we did not find our ideal swimshorts on the market : great quality, with true-to-luxury finishes, wearable in the water but also outside (even in town!), with a non-irritating mesh ... and at workshop prices! Well now, these swimshorts exist :-)

1 swimshorts + 1 shorts for the price of one!

It's always the same problem with swimshorts. Once out of the water, we would like to have dinner with, but we might look oddly. We would like to bike with, but the mesh would rub and irritate the legs.
Ours - thanks to its embossed Seersucker look, its style and its ultra-thin mesh - is a 2-in-1 swimshorts that will perfectly accompany all your outings, in and out of the water.



Style & technicity in one fabrics

We opted for a versatile style, neither too classic nor too assertive: fine coloured stripes and a "Seersucker" finish. A characteristic embossing that gives lightness and incredible relief to the material.
This "Seersucker" fabric we found for you has been specially developed by a specialist in knitwear fabrics, founded in 1939. It has the advantage of drying very quickly, of little wrinkling and of being specially treated against the ravages of chlorine. salt and UV.

Rare finishes

In terms of finishes, swimshorts are often neglected in the dressing. Not at Atelier Particulier! We put everything that make it an essential : genuine mother-of-pearl buttons, YKK zip, tightening tabs (to refine the size), ultra-thin mesh (finer and more flexible than traditional nets, it will not irritate you all day), closed ticket pocket in the front. Your best swimshorts AND your best shorts just have to stand!



A hidden workshop close to Porto

Our mission is no longer a secret to you : find for you the hidden workshops that work daily for Luxury Houses. And this one does not derogate from the rule.
Located a short distance from Porto - one of the bastions of quality clothing in Europe - this family workshop is 100% specialized in the manufacture of swimsuits and nothing else. Three generations have succeeded each other at the head of this prestigious workshop that most luxury houses work with.

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