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The Linen and Leather Tote Bag

Made in Italy, in Bergame 


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300 products only
300 products only

Handmade in Italy, in a small artisanal workshop
100% French linen
Washed and woven by Lemaitre Demeestere
Label Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant
Double handle & full grain leather closure
Italian vegetable tanning
Italian golden brass rivets
Natural cotton lining & inside pocket
Generous size: 40 x 30 x 12cm

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The Linen and Leather Tote Bag
The Linen and Leather Tote Bag

The reason why

Our first bag is just like you: unique. French linen and Italian leather goods. These two skills allow us to offer you a high quality handmade product. 3 in 1, your future bag is designed to accompany you in spring, summer and back to school. For today. And for 10 years.

A tote bag that lasts more than a summer

That's the challenge we set ourselves. Inspired by summer bags, our bag takes their generous dimensions, with a modern shape. The difference? Natural materials (linen & leather), a tight weave, both soft and dense. And you get a resistant piece, which does not deform and can be stored anywhere. For the first time, your holiday bag will be with you long after the summer.



Lemaitre Demeestere, the reference of French linen

For the weaving of our material, we have found one of the last workshops in France (and the 5th oldest textile company in France): Lemaitre Demeestere. Each fabric is made with attention to detail and excellence. The robustness, softness and fall of our workshop's linen have earned it prestigious distinctions: notably "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant" and "Masters of Linen" (a label that brings together certified companies that have chosen 100% European linen traceability).

As practical as Mary Poppins' bag

Who hasn't wished for a bottomless bag like Mary Poppins'? At Atelier Particulier in any case, this scene has marked us forever. So, when we created your bag, we didn't skimp on the means: generous dimensions (40 x 30 cm) and side gussets to gain space. You will be able to fill your bag, without ever deforming it.



A bag that is more beautiful over time

At Atelier Particulier, we only work with natural materials. Here, the French linen is accompanied by a full grain leather with Italian vegetable tanning. These 2 high quality materials share a common point: the ability to patina and embellish with time. For the first time, you will have a bag in your hands that will never stop improving! 

How to wear it?

In the hand, on the arm or on the shoulder, our summer bag is designed to accompany you 6 months a year. Very solid, it will accompany you to the beach all summer long. Practical and light, it will be your favourite partner for shopping at the weekend. And when you return to school, you can store your most precious belongings in it. Versatile, did you say?


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