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The Linen Beach Towel

Made in Lithuania, Baltic Shore 


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Made on the Baltic coast, in Lithuania
A family workshop founded in 1970
Integrated craft workshop, from spinning to finishing
3rd generation (two sisters, Inga and Giedre) at the helm
100% linen grown in France
The linen is pre-washed to keep its shape,
and retains the intensity of its colour
Large size 100 x 140 cm
Special hanging system for beach towels
4 colours
350 gr/m2

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Save 10€ by ordering 4 towels of your choice = code BUNDLEX4

WARNING, this item is pre-ordered with delivery end of June (if you add an item in stock to your order, the delivery will be grouped in June).

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The Linen Beach Towel
The Linen Beach Towel

The reason why

In Lithuania, we found a traditional workshop that makes some of the finest linen in Europe from linen grown in France. Together with them, we drew up a sketch of our ideal beach towel: light, compact, absorbent and colourful. To achieve this result, we chose to work with Norman linen, which combines all the superlatives: it is strong, breathable, dries quickly and does not retain odours. To make matters worse, we worked on an original design, which you won't see everywhere.

Linen: an ecological fibre made in France

Did you know that France is the world champion in flax? Although 90% of the world's flax is grown between France and the Netherlands, our country is the leader. This can be explained by the unique and very localized climatic conditions, especially in Normandy. But above all, linen is an almost perfect fibre: ecological (no need for water or pesticides to grow it), biodegradable, breathable, thermo-regulating (= it cools in summer and insulates in winter), absorbent, very strong, light, hypoallergenic and easy to maintain. What more could you want?

As beautiful as practical

Our Linen Beach Towel is ultra-polyvalent. With this towel you can say goodbye to storage problems. Thanks to the linen, our towel is lighter, more compact and easier to store than an ordinary towel. Even in your bag. All this with superior absorbency and comfort. And with its beautiful coloured stripes, you can be sure you'll always find your towel on the beach. Practical, isn't it?

A texture that makes a difference

At Atelier Particulier, we like craftsmanship that makes sense. Here, we have selected the best in order to guarantee comfort and durability. Thus, the weave, in addition to being slightly textured, reinforces the characteristics of linen. Stronger, more airy, this weave offers better absorption and faster drying. All good things. Finally, in order to guarantee a high quality towel, we have chosen to pre-wash the linen to stabilise the colour and the material. In this way, the towel is more comfortable, softer and less likely to deform. It is resistant to everything. Even sea salt!

The Baltic States: linen specialists

It is not widely known, but the Baltic States, and Lithuania in particular, are great specialists in linen. Why? Because thanks to optimal weather conditions, flax has been grown here for 4,000 years. This tradition became very important during the Middle Ages, when the Grand Duchy of Lithuania was one of the largest and most powerful in Europe.
Today, the cultivation (relocated to France, for example) has been replaced by the production of finished products. A stroll through the streets of old Vilnius immediately reveals the word "linas" (Lithuanian for linen) on the fronts of many shops.

A family workshop founded in 1970

For three generations, our workshop - located on the Baltic Sea coast - has been run by women! Today, the helm is still held by a duo: Inga and Gierdre.
Gierdre is in charge of production. She knows all the secrets of flax. Inga is a stylist and helps customers create their designs. When we talked to her about our project, she immediately directed us towards a light and airy weave that enhances the raw material: linen.

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