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The Linen Tablecloth - 180x180 cm

Made in France, in Armentières 


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A factory founded in 1866
Label Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant
100% linen grown, washed, dyed and woven in France
Breathable fabric
Soft touch and natural crumpled look
Simple hem
Colors inspired by the South of France
Size: 180x180cm (table 4 to 6 people)
Easy care: machine washable at 40°C
Does not contain any harmful substances

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The Linen Tablecloth - 180x180 cm
The Linen Tablecloth - 180x180 cm

The reason why

Today, Atelier Particulier offers you a collection that puts linen - the queen of summer - in the spotlight! The fruit of a French know-how several hundred years old, our napkins will dress your table with taste. Natural, well sized, light, easy to care for, our napkins will open the doors to a new savoir-faire.

Armentières, la Cité du Tissu

To make this collection, we went to Armentières, a former flagship of the textile industry. Since the 11th century, the town has been known for producing the finest cotton and linen sheets. This expertise has given it the nickname of "City of Cloth". This is where our factory was established in 1866. Since then, it has been washing, dyeing and weaving the linen of the region's farmers to produce fabrics proudly stamped "made in France". Like our linen table linen collection.



The best of linen for your table

Did you know that France was the world's leading flax grower? This is due to the unique and very localized climatic conditions, especially in Normandy. But above all, linen is an almost perfect fibre, especially in summer: ecological (no need for water or pesticides to grow it), biodegradable, breathable, thermo-regulating (= it cools in summer and insulates in winter), absorbent, very strong, light, hypoallergenic and easy to maintain. What more could you want?

A journey from North to South

Although the production is in Armentières, our inspiration is rooted in the South of France. We take you to a summery and singing universe. Plain or striped, each of our colours will transport you to a new landscape of the South. Between fields of lavender, on the banks of a shimmering river or perched on rocky outcrops. Be sure to create an authentic and convivial table in any circumstance!



How to compose a beautiful table?

In our latest questionnaire, more than 1,000 of you shared your vision of the ideal table. And the key word in your feedback was "harmony"! To make your table 100% successful, we have thought of each colour and design to form a whole. So you can mix and match any of our pieces without fear. The result is always what you expect: elegant, simple and authentic.

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