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The Classic Supima Cotton Towel

Made in Portugal, in Guimarães 


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Made in Guimarães, Portugal
A family workshop founded in 1974
Specialist in luxury towels
(supplier of several Parisian palaces)
100% American Oeko-Tex & Supima® cotton
Oeko-Tex label = 0% pesticides and 0% chemicals
Supima quality = one of the most exclusive cottons in the world
- 1 in 3,500 cotton flowers is Supima quality
- 35% longer fibre than conventional cotton
Extremely tight weave
3 mm high loops for more softness and smoothness
A thick towel = 600g of cotton / m2
Standard size 50 x 100 cm
4 colours

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Save 10€ by ordering 4 towels of your choice (classic or XXL) = code BUNDLEX4

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The Classic Supima Cotton Towel
The Classic Supima Cotton Towel

The reason why

It took us two years of research to create this towel. It must be said that in the world of baths, the cult of secrecy is omnipresent. Luxury hotels and other palaces keep the know-how they have access to well hidden. But through perseverance, we have gone back to the origin of the know-how. To finally offer you the Palace towel you've been waiting for: thick, ultra-soft and fluffy, in an exclusive cotton. This is the story.

We offer you the Palace life

The towel is the poor relation of the bath accessories. For a piece that everyone uses and owns several copies of, it's a shame don't you think? We took up the challenge: democratize the hotel towel know-how and create a piece that will remind you of the times when you could still go to a hotel. We went even further by going for the best of the cotton crop. A material that represents 1 flower for every 3,500 flowers harvested in the world: Supima Oeko-Tex cotton. Treat yourself to the Palace life!

All the attributes of a (very) grand towel

How can you distinguish a standard towel from an exceptional one? This is where the expertise of Domingos, the founder of our workshop, comes in. We had ideas, he had convictions.
With him, we reviewed and improved the specifications for luxury bath linen. Here it is: 1,020 g of cotton - 3mm high loop - American Oeko Tex & Supima cotton - extremely tight weave. It's hard to beat that.

The strength of a historic cotton, made in the USA

Do you remember the quality of Levi's jeans from the 80s? We do. This robustness, the American brand obtained it thanks to the quality of its cotton. Like them, we wanted to find cotton that met all our criteria: soft, fluffy, absorbent and produced in good conditions. This material is Supima® cotton with the Okeo-Tex label. It is the best cotton variety that can be selected. Supima® cotton is a fibre made from American Pima cotton. This type of cotton is 35% longer than the others and only grows in Texas and California. Only 1% of Pima cotton production is labelled Supima®. A guarantee of exceptional quality. 

Domingos, the towel king

Few know it, but Portugal has a great spa culture. It is thanks to this speciality that its expertise in towels has naturally developed. Until it became a reference. Domingos, the founder of our workshop, is the first representative. He and his colleagues have been raising the quality standards for 40 years now. His secret? He has specialised in working with very thick fabrics. Finishing on the curl, intensity of colour. Each step is mastered to perfection.

Good for you. Positive for the planet.

A beautiful product always starts with a quality material. In the case of cotton, this requirement goes hand in hand: we needed a cotton that complied with strict standards that would provide softness and fluffiness to its owner. With the Oeko-Tex label, this is concrete. For our bath towel, it assures you that there are no harmful products for the health of the craftsmen, the environment and yourself throughout the manufacturing process. Nothing but positive things.

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