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The Stoneware Box

Made in France, in Fayence 


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Made in Fayence, in Provence
40 years of ceramic know-how
Transmitted from mother to daughter
30 steps made by hand
Each piece is unique and handmade
Natural sandstone from Spain
Dimensions: Ø9cm, hight 9,5cm
Capacity : around 480mL
4 natural colours inspired by Provence
High temperature cooking for food use
Dishwasher safe

We offer you here 5 pieces (espresso cup, classic cup, mug, sugar box, plate) to compose your own coffee set!

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The Stoneware Box
The Stoneware Box

The reason why

When Atelier Particulier was founded, we had one wish: to meet people with an exceptional destiny. This is the case of Jasmine, who decided to change her life. She left her start-up to come back to Provence, in Fayence, with her mother. In order to revive the ceramic know-how she passed on to her as a child. With Jasmine, we wanted to modernise and reinvent stoneware ceramics. 

A journey into the daily life of a craftsman

Since 2013, the doors of the best workshops are open to you. This time, you will be introduced to the daily life of a craftsman. Hand in hand, we have created with Jasmine 5 pieces of ceramics 100% handmade.

A collection of Provençal-style ceramics

Ceramics is the oldest know-how of the "arts of fire" worked by man. Thought for your sweet breaks, this collection consists of two coffee cups, a mug, a small plate and a sugar & cake box. Elegant and natural, the Provencal ceramics created by our craftsman pay tribute to the ceramics made in Provence.

200 to 240 working hours

From the work on the material, through the creation of the shapes to the final finishing touches, everything is done by hand by Jasmine. It is a work of patience and meticulousness. Every day, Jasmine can work 3 to 5 steps on 40 to 50 pieces. To make 500 small cups from start to finish, she will need 25 to 30 days of work. That's 200 to 240 hours. Here, we show you that craftsmanship is the best possible way for those who want the quality of yesteryear to last

Sandstone, a subtle and durable material

Together with earthenware and porcelain, stoneware is one of the 3 great ceramic arts. Stoneware is a non-porous earthenware widely used for food ceramics. It has the particularity of being very resistant to heat. Moreover, the non-porosity of stoneware makes it the only clay that can be worked raw. We have chosen to work it in 2 ways (raw and glazed) in order to create solid ceramics, which are easy to maintain and accompany today's interiors. As a result, each piece is totally unique.

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