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The Small Vase AP x Faïencerie Georges - Surfer Limited Edition

Made in France, in Nevers 


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Hand-painted character (designed for us)
Each piece is unique and handmade
Exclusive design for Atelier Particulier
30 steps over 2 to 3 days (including cooking time) are necessary to produce 1 single vase.
Height 18 cm and Diameter 9 cm

Limited Edition of 20 pieces / color and size

PLEASE NOTE - This product is in pre-order with delivery scheduled for mid-April.

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The Small Vase AP x Faïencerie Georges - Surfer Limited Edition
The Small Vase AP x Faïencerie Georges - Surfer Limited Edition

The reason why

We are proud to present to you the 1st Edition of our project "Dénicheur du Savoir-faire": an exceptional vase designed in collaboration with Faïencerie Georges, one of the last 2 earthenware ateliers in Nevers. Or how to combine historical know-how with a modern & refined design (perfect for all interiors) in a unique and artisanal product.

Nevers earthenware, 500 years of tradition

Faience originated in Faenza, Italy. It was imported to Nevers in the 16th century by the Italians, under favorable conditions (strategic geographical position of Nevers between Lyon and Paris, with quality soil).
Pottery know-how reached its peak in the 18th century. At the time, Nevers exported to all corners of France and had 2,000 earthenware craftsmen. Before starting a long and slow decline. Today, there are only 2 workshops still in operation, including Faïencerie Georges.

Faïencerie Georges, worthy heir to the earthenware works of yesteryear

Founded in 1898, Faïencerie Georges was taken over in 1926 by Émile Georges, who had cut his teeth in this workshop. He then sets himself a challenge: to impose his workshop as one of the references of earthenware in Nevers. He will do it with 4 hands, with his wife. Successful bet ! 80 years later, the know-how is still alive and well, carried by Carole Georges and Jean-François Dumont (the 4th generation!).

What is the « Dénicheur du Savoir-faire » project ?

This is a project that we have nurtured since our launch in 2013. For us, there is no better way to highlight the know-how that we love.
The "Discoverers of Know-how" is the association between a company passionate about craftsmanship - Atelier Particulier - and a workshop with exceptional know-how.
We make every effort to find the workshop, to understand its know-how, to explain it to you, then to select & reinterpret a historical piece of the workshop, which illustrates its know-how.
Our vase with Faïencerie Georges is therefore the very first edition!

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