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The Tall Scented Candle

Made in France, in Grasse 


(Traditional Luxury: €80-100)

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190g scented candle
About 70 hours of burning
Artisanal confection near Grasse
Iris or Cedar scent
100% natural wax (REACH certification)
Cotton wick
Glass cup with "Atelier Particulier" wax stamp

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The Tall Scented Candle
The Tall Scented Candle

The reason why

Our quest for exceptional know-how has this time brought us to Grasse, the French (and world) capital of perfume. We have developed this candle in 2 scents (Iris and Cedar) with a Maitre-Parfumeur from the region. A traditional candle in the rules of the art, with only natural materials and a cotton wick.

Grasse, world capital of perfume

To develop an artisanal candle, without concession, the region of Grasse was ideal. But where does Grasse's expertise in perfume come from?
In fact historically, Grasse was a city of leather. In the 16th century, she specialized in "scented leathers", drawing inspiration from Florentine fashion. It took it well: the geography of Grasse (very sunny and located a little at altitude) is ideal for the cultivation of many plants. And over time, the production of perfume has largely supplanted that of leather!

Our Master-Perfumer

We called on a workshop in the Grasse region which has all the in-house skills necessary for the development of an exceptional candle: selection of raw materials, development of fragrances (= the famous "noses"), production. At each step, everything is a matter of precision. Therefore, we understand why several very big names in Luxury trust our workshop on a daily basis.

How to recognize a quality candle?

A quality candle is one that burns evenly (and with respect for fragrance notes), does not burn, does not sweat, or emits smoke.
How to achieve this ideal result? There are 3 secrets: the precision in the creation of the perfume, the dosage to the milligram close to the wax and finally, the quality of the raw materials. On this last point, our workshop only uses natural (REACH certified) mineral and vegetable raw materials. The wick is cotton.

The art of properly burning your candle

The first time, you have to let the candle burn for at least 1 hour. Each time you use it (3-4 hour slices are recommended), wait until the surface is liquid before extinguishing the candle, to prevent it from hollowing out. If necessary, re-center and cut the wick to 3-5 mm (to prevent the candle from smoking) after the candle is extinguished.

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