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The Linen Throw

Knitted in Ireland, Donegal 


(Traditional Luxury: €200-400)

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Traditional weaving in the North of Ireland
by a family workshop founded in 1950
100% French linen grown in the Pays de Caux
Ideal for mid-season and summer
Dense and strong weave - 600 grams of linen
Low crease and easy care material
Herringbone patterns
Soft and modern colours
Fringed finishes
Delivered in its large cotton pouch Atelier Particulier
150x200 cm
3 colours in preorder : natural, denim and anise

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The Linen Throw
The Linen Throw

The reason why

Did you know that? Ireland is where the best plaids are made!
To find out for sure, we went there. In County Donegal, we found a family workshop founded in 1950. It is one of the few that is licensed to weave the famous Donegal Tweed fabric. A piece of history!
With him, we imagined a 100% linen plaid, which can accompany you in all situations: at the same time indoor plaid (for mid-season or summer), bedspread, picnic tablecloth or beach towel for 2!

The most beautiful plaids? It's in Ireland.

The plaid that you see here is the result of a know-how that we went to find in Ireland. It is not enough to fly to Dublin, no. For hours you drive through the Irish heather.
And then, just a stone's throw away from throwing the car into the sea (you really couldn't go any further), on a peninsula at the tip of Donegal, you come across our plaid workshop.
This family workshop, founded in 1950, is a great specialist in weaving, and plaids in particular.
It is one of the few workshops that are licensed to weave the famous Donegal Tweed fabric. A piece of history!

A throw like no other

When the sunny days approach, linen always comes back to the surface. A summery material par excellence, its great popularity is intrinsically linked to its technical properties. Breathable. This is the secret to dressing us up without dying of heat in the summer! Anti-allergic and antibacterial. This is even why it is widely used in dermatology.
Ultra-drying. Linen fibre is hollow. Also, it doesn't absorb moisture as well as woollens or cotton, for example. That's why it dries much faster. Environmentally friendly. Its cultivation is local (mainly in France) and requires neither water nor pesticides. In short, you will have understood that linen is a real "Swiss Army knife" material. All the more reason to trust it when the weather is fine.

Linen: an ecological fibre made in France

Did you know that France was world champion in linen? Although 90% of the world's flax is grown between France and the Netherlands, our country is the leader. For the record, this is due to unique and very localised climatic conditions, particularly in Normandy. But above all, linen is an almost perfect fibre: ecological (no need for water or pesticides to grow it), biodegradable, breathable, thermo-regulating (= it cools in the summer and insulates in the winter), absorbent, very strong, light, hypoallergenic and easy to maintain. What more could you ask for?

A throw for every occasion

Because know-how also rhymes with versatility, we have chosen to offer you a generous plaid in size: 150x200 cm. With its textured linen, the plaid becomes lighter to accompany you in all situations. Here we offer you the new ally for your summer walks, summer evenings and throwing off the sofa (or your bed). A piece that will undeniably bring cachet to your interior decoration.

Easy to care

Linen caring is a tricky subject. Every brand preaches for its parish and it is often difficult to find reliable information on the Internet. So, with our workshop, we looked for the most efficient solution. Our plaid is as easy to care for as a sweatshirt. You can machine wash it and then let it dry naturally.
Linen does not pilling, is hypoallergenic (ideal for children) and does not retain odours. So, unless you stain it heavily, you don't need to wash it regularly.
It's a real pleasure to use every day.

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