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The Merino Throw

Knitted in Ireland, Donegal 


(Traditional Luxury: €200-400)
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Traditional weaving in North of Ireland
by a family workshop founded in 1950
100% Merino Lambswool, very soft
"Chevron" patterns
Fringed finishes
150x200 cm

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The Merino Throw
The Merino Throw

The reason why

If you're looking for a super-soft throw, our 100% Merino Lambswool throw will be your perfect companion. With its discreet Chevron patterns and soft colors (in pastel shades), it is a cozy and modern throw. 

Our quest at the end of Ireland

The plaid you see here is the result of a know-how that we went to find in Ireland. It’s not enough to fly to Dublin, no. For hours, you ride along the Irish heather.
And there, two fingers away from throwing the car into the sea (you really couldn't go any further), on a peninsula at the tip of Donegal, you come across our plaids workshop.
By opening the door, nature brings you the answer to the question: "why are the Irish so famous for their woolen work? ". The air is pungent!

Une armure contre le froid

This famous Irish cold explains, according to the head of our workshop, William, that the Irish are used to weaving their wool in a tight knit. A mesh which does not let anything pass because it is so dense.
And which also explains that our Plaid weighs almost 700 grams and measures 150 x 200 cm! There is no secret. Only know-how.

Merino wool: warm but soft wool

Heat is one thing. Sweetness is another.
While strong, the wool of Irish sheep is rough and itchy on contact with the skin. Like the Irish weavers of the 19th century, we therefore preferred to choose a softer and more comfortable wool: Merino wool!
You will quickly understand why: it is soft, warm, hypoallergenic, thermoregulating and easy to care :-)

One piece for all interiors

The Plaid is not just a practical piece. It is also a magnificent piece to dress up your interior: on a bed, a sofa or an armchair.
The choice of colors and "chevron" pattern make it easy to match with today's modern interiors (and even less modern for that matter).
The colors are soft and highlight natural materials.

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