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The Pilot Gloves

The know-how of Saint-Junien - French capital of gloves 


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Only 150 items available
Only 150 items available

A glove maker founded in 1947
Lamb leather from Colombier
(Tannery founded in 1925
& labelled "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant")
Double-hooked French cotton
Unlined gloves
Ideal for mid-season

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The Pilot Gloves
The Pilot Gloves

The reason why

A luxurious double-hook piece entirely hand-made. Historic savoir-faire. Iconic. In owe of Steve McQueen's style.

An historical savoir-faire

This year, we went to Limoges to select one of the best French glove makers for our brand new gloves collection. Its historic craftsmanship dates back 1947. More than 50 hand-made steps are necessary to create such a luxurious glove. A true piece of art.

Atelier Boivin

The flagship piece of our workshop

We asked our glover workshop to show us his most beautiful piece, the one of which he is most proud. And who best values their know-how.
We were then shown an archive photo of a crochet glove. Assembled and sewn by hand, this iconic glove is the flagship piece of our workshop. Passionate about its history, we wanted to bring it back to life. For us first, but also for all those who are passionate about know-how. Here is the Pilot Gloves! 

Mid-season and all-tracks

With its handmade hook, our glove is not perfectly suited to the winter season. On the other hand, it gives its full effect in mid-season, when temperatures oscillate between 7 and 15 degrees.
A real "pleasure piece", we advise you to wear it when you are behind the wheel or when you want to add an extra touch to your outfit. 

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