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The Linen Beach Towel

Made in Lithuania, Baltic Shore 


(Traditional Luxury: €100-150)

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600 products only
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A family workshop founded in 1970
100% French linen
Padded finishes (the edges are folded and then sewn for durability)
Hanging hanger (in linen)
Prewashed linen for a soft touch
Herringbone patterns
100 x 140 cm

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The Linen Beach Towel
The Linen Beach Towel

The reason why

Why a linen beach towel? First, because this material has exceptional properties (ecological, made in France, hypoallergenic, absorbent, which dries quickly). On the other hand, a linen towel will take up much less space in your bag than traditional terry towels! In addition, our linen is prewashed (for a soft touch) and reinforced edges (for years of endurance).

A noble and long-lasting material

Grown in France, our linen is then spinned in Italy before being woven in our manifattura. Linen has remarkable proprieties such as being ecological, resistant, hypoallergenic and water absorbent like no other.



Linen specialists

Few people know it, but the Baltic States, and Lithuania in particular, are reknown specialists in linen. Why? Due to optimal weather conditions, linen has been grown there for 4,000 years. This tradition gained momentum during the Middle Age, when the Grand Duchy of Lithuania was one of the largest and most powerful in Europe.
Today, its culture (relocated since mainly in France) has given way to the manufacture of finished products. A stroll through the streets of Old Vilnius makes it possible to immediately see the word "linas" (linen in Lithuanian) on the windows of many clothing and linen stores.

A family workshop founded in 1970

For 3 generations, our workshop - located on the coast of the Baltic Sea - has been led by women! Even today, the rudder is held by a duo: Inga and Gierdre.
Gierdre is in charge of the production. She knows all the secrets of linen. Inga, meanwhile, is a stylist and accompanies customers in the creation of their models. She immediately pointed us to a motive that is dear to us: the herringbone! For the anecdote, this pattern is obtained by a particular weave, whose properties are interesting. In fact, the "breathing" of wire crosses allows for better hold but also better absorption and faster drying.