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Evreux - France

Since 1966

Luxury quality

Did you know that eyewear was still a French savoir-faire? Yet, there are only 8 workshops in operation, and that's a shame. Most Luxury houses now produce in Italy at best, often in China. But at Atelier Particulier, we are committed to defending our savoir-faire. We worked with a workshop hidden in Normandy. We have found all the necessary skills to turn your sunglasses into a masterpiece that you will keep for 10 years.


Acetate is made from a natural material: wood cellulose. Not to be confused with plastic! Acetate is perfect for eyewear. Why? Because it is resistant to heat and mildew, solid, hypoallergenic and tolerable by all types of skin. Ours comes from the best supplier in the world: Mazzucchelli, founded in 1849. And we used the thickest acetate - 80/10 - so the most resistant.

Our sunglasses require no less than 65 hand-made steps, from shaping to assembly through polishing and engraving. These steps shape acetate to turn it into Haute Confection sunglasses. For you.