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Lima - Peru

Since 1950

Luxury quality

Alpaca almost exclusively lives in Peru, where are scarves are traditionally woven. Alpaca fiber is amongst the most luxurious wools. For instance, cashmere production is 3 times as big as alpaca wool. Moreover, that cool is considered much more environmental-friendly.


Baby Alpaca stems from young adults that offer their wool for the 1st time. At that moment, alpaca is the finest and softess that it can be. All alpaca criteria speak for themselves : 7 times warmer than classical wool, soft, light and breathy, sustainable, hypoallergenic, water and dust resistant.

The quality of the final product depends heavily on the source materials, which is why we source our yarn only from communities in Peru that use sustainable herding and harvesting methods. The processing of alpaca fiber is a long and complicated process due to the hair’s fine, soft and slippery texture. These artisanal communities use highly refined finishing processes to ensure the timeless beauty and durability of our end product.