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All the materials we use for our Haute Confection pieces are natural and noble, therefore inherently fragile.

Be sure to take care of them and maintain them with care.


The sunglasses & the Glasses

To wipe your glasses, use your microfiber square.

Cleaning with clean water with soap or dishwashing liquid.

If your glasses are not straight, you can have them adjusted for free at an optician.

You can tighten your glasses with a small screwdriver.


The scarves

Unless indicated / pictogram "Dry wash", we advise you to wash your scarf in machine and not by hand. Indeed, the movement will be more regular and respectful of the fiber, unlike a manual wash where the room may be bent and / or crumpled.

In the machine, choose a "wool" program (usually short, of the order of 30 min, and limited to 500 or 600 rpm) and cold. Use a "special wool" detergent - without fabric softener!

If you want to protect your scarf in the machine, slip it into a net or pillowcase.

Once washed, dry your scarf flat, away from a heat source.

In case of severe work, we recommend a dry cleaning in the laundry.

Tip # 1: If pills are forming, do not pull on them. It is a natural process that is nevertheless possible to limit. For this, use a special razor.

Tip # 2: except in case of task, we advise you to wash your scarf 1-2 per season maximum. If necessary, do not hesitate to air it for 24 or 48 hours.



In the machine, choose a cold program or at 30 ° C maximum, if possible limited to 600 revolutions / min.

Wash your socks upside down.

We strongly advise against ironing or drying. Flat drying is recommended.



In general, the tie is a piece requiring very limited maintenance. However, if you wish to clean it, we advise you bring it to the drycleaner.


Leather (belts, card holders, gloves)

Our pieces are crafted in full grain leather of the highest quality. It will skate perfectly with time. It does not require or very little maintenance. You can still apply a colorless cream to nourish the leather from time to time.

However, be careful with gloves, which lambskin leather is particularly delicate. Avoid water. The "classic" model benefits from a treatment during tanning, which protects the glove from traces of water (without being impermeable). Conversely, the Pilot glove - in velvet leather - can be waterproofed. If you want to maintain them, choose a nourishing cream "special delicate skin" or "special lamb", Famaco for example.

Any greasy task must be treated quickly. Privilege the land of Sommières, acetone or glycerine soap. In general, do not hesitate to bring your piece to a leather specialist for a dry cleaning.