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Normandy - France

Since 1970

Luxury quality

It was in the heart of Normandy that we found the workshop capable of producing the leather goods that we dreamed of. There, we pushed the doors of a workshop whose tradition goes back to 3 generations. All the stages of confection are still made by hand. Testimony of its know-how: among its customers, our workshop has a well-known monogrammed luxury brand.


We have selected full-grain cowhide leather, which will last a long time. The lining of our belts is not to be outdone: in nubuck (with vegetable tanning), it comes from a specialized Belgian tannery belonging to Louis Vuitton. The lining is often overlooked and yet so important: it is the one that undergoes the most stresses over time (torsion, humidity, etc.).

The leather of our small leather goods has a particular grain, called Palmellato. Fruit of a unique work on the material, which only the Tanneries du Puy (prestigious tannery belonging to Hermès) master, it captures light like no other. Luxury is in the detail.

From the atelier