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The Panama

Made in Ecuador, Cuenca 


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Craft workshop founded in 1920
Handmade by craftsmen hatters
Textured braiding specific to Ecuadorian know-how (called "Brisa")
100% palm straw (also called "Carludovica Palmata")
Know-how recognised by UNESCO as an Intangible Heritage
Vegetable-tanned leather trim
A light and robust hat, ideal for the summer
Natural colour
Unisex model
Size: 55 to 61 cm (S to XL)

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The Panama
The Panama

The reason why

To protect you from the sun this summer, we wanted to offer you a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. So, in the heart of Ecuador, we unearthed an artisanal know-how that combines elegance, comfort, lightness and protection: the Panama hat! A hat entirely handmade by Ecuadorian craftsmen. Here is its story.

The story of the "Paja Toquilla"

Contrary to popular belief, the Panama hat does not come from Panama but from Ecuador. This confusion is linked to the construction of the Panama Canal. At the time, the workers all wore the "paja toquilla" to protect themselves from the sun.



60 days to weave the hat

Each Panama hat is made in the traditional way, by hand. In total, it takes several weeks to bring it to life. The braiding stage is the longest. From 10 to 30 days, depending on the experience of the craftsman and the fineness of the weaving. Then comes the "azocada", a stage that consists of tightening and cutting the excess fibre so that the shape holds perfectly.


Often copied, never equalled, we now give you access to the original Panama hat. Made from inimitable palm straw, a real Panama hat can also be recognized by its braiding. Only hand-woven pieces will have a rosette inside the hat. This is a sign of quality and expertise, as machines are still unable to copy this know-how.



UNESCO Heritage

For 100 years, our workshop has been committed to preserving its hat-making know-how. The workshop's craftsmen are independent and perpetuate the 100% manual technique learned and passed on by previous generations. As a reward for this commitment, in 2012, Panama's clothing know-how was included in UNESCO's Intangible Heritage. It is a pride for us to be able to highlight this exceptional know-how of the world.

How to wear it and protect it?

Panama is a timeless and easy to match piece that you will enjoy wearing in the summer in various situations (from casual to dressy). To make it stand out, we advise you to combine it with other natural materials; linen and cotton for example. To take care of your Panama hat, it is important to hold it correctly. Be careful not to pinch it when putting it on or taking it off. Always pick it up by the edges. In case of a stain, a cloth and a little soapy water will do the trick.


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