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The Velvet Leather Belt

Made in France, Pays de Loire 


(Traditional Luxury: €150-250)

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Renowned French workshop founded in 1858
Full grains leather
Velvet finish
Coated buckle
Width : 4 cm
Unique size – to be adjusted

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The Velvet Leather Belt
The Velvet Leather Belt

The reason why

This women belt boasts an incredible velvet touch. Oversized. Velvet coated buckle. Pure luxury Houses tradition.

French confection

For this belt, we went to the Val-de-Loire region. There, the workshop wide opened its doors to us. Its tradition goes back from 1858 ! Each step respects the same hand-made process than back then.

Atelier Boivin

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The belt is 110 cm long.
You must adjust the size yourself or at a shoemaker (very simple and fast operation, usually free). 
To adjust the belt, you have to unscrew the buckle, cut a piece of leather, then make a new hole and screw the buckle.