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The Vegetable Leather Belt Amboise

Made in France, in Indre-et-Loire 


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Made in France, in Indre-et-Loire
By a workshop with the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant label
Founded in 1858
Full grain Italian cowhide (the best quality)
Vegetable tanned (with vegetable tannins)
The leather will develop a subtle patina over time
Closes with an Italian golden brass pin buckle (strong, light and stainless)
Can be worn on the hips or waist
Width 3cm
One size fits all

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The Vegetable Leather Belt Amboise
The Vegetable Leather Belt Amboise

The reason why

A belt that becomes more beautiful over time, you've been dreaming about it? To achieve this goal, we turned to a French workshop with the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant label. Together, we decided to work on a belt made from quality, durable materials: vegetable-tanned leather that develops a patina over time and a golden brass buckle that remains beautiful for a lifetime. Here is the result.

Leather in its natural state

Leather is a precious material. Of great quality. So it must be respected. Today, we give you access to Italian leather with vegetable tanning. This technique consists of immersing the leather in a tannin made of bark and plants. Vegetable tanning has the singularity of giving birth to leathers that develop a patina over time. Here, every grain of the leather has been left intact. It is 100% natural. Over time, your belt will remember every moment of your life. 

From Napoleon III to you

The leather workshop that we found to make this belt is unique. Their know-how has been accompanying the most famous Houses for over a century. Labelled as a Living Heritage Company, the craftsmen in our workshop pass on the leatherworking know-how they learned from their ancestors: in 1858. From Napoleon III to you!

Not enough is said about the buckle

A belt means a buckle selection. Here, we wanted to find a material that would match the vegetable cowhide we selected. We decided on a gold-plated brass buckle. Why brass? Because it has many advantages. It's strong, light, the material doesn't rust and it doesn't rub off on your clothes. So you can wear your belt for many years. What more could you want? 

To be worn in all situations

On the waist or on the hips, around a pair of jeans, a chino or a dress, this belt is designed for all situations. With its vegetable leather and golden brass buckle, this belt will express all its potential in outfits with a bohemian chic spirit. 

High quality leather goods finishings

Slice dyeing, leather slitting, buckle assembly... All these steps have been carried out by hand or by machine in our workshop. In this belt, everything is know-how. We offer you a piece made according to the strictest standards of French leather goods. A quality piece that we take pleasure in looking at every day, just before fastening it to your waist.

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The belt measures 95cm from the middle of the buckle to the middle adjustment hole.
You have to adjust it yourself or at a shoemaker (classic and quick operation, normally free).
To adjust the belt, you have to unscrew the head with the buckle, cut the excess side, then make a hole again and finally screw the head of the belt back on.