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The Casual Belt

Made in France, Normandy 


(Traditional Luxury: €150-200)

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Handmade in France
A family-owned atelier founded in 1970
Full-grains leather
Unlined raw leather (vegetable tanning)
Golden buckle
width : 3.5 cm wide
One size - to be adjusted

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The Casual Belt
The Casual Belt

The reason why

The ideal partner for your jeans & chinos, on Fridays or weekends. This belt is more casual than its big sister the Leather Belt. Why? Because it is made in unlined raw leather (vegetable tanning), it is wider (3.5 cm instead of 3) and its buckle is less dressed.

Made in Normandy

Our workshop is located in Normandy, not far from Rouen. This region is famous for leather work. Normandy is indeed one of the most important breeding areas of France. And breeding means "leather craft". Because all the skins used for leather goods come from the agricultural industry. The leather industry is therefore a recycling business!



Since 3 generations

It is in the heart of Normandy that we found our workshop. There, we pushed the doors of a workshop whose tradition goes back to 3 generations. All the steps of the confection are still done by hand. Among its customers, our atelier counts several very big names of the French luxury ...

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The belt is 130 cm long.
You must adjust the size yourself or at a shoemaker (very simple and fast operation, usually free).
To adjust the belt, you have to unscrew the buckle, cut a piece of leather, then make a new hole and screw the buckle.