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The Ripple Cashmere Scarf

Made in UK, Yorkshire 


(Traditional Luxury: €300-€500)

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Family workshop founded in 1797
100% Ripple Cashmere
(Ripple finish : rare & prestigious finish
that creates a unique touch)
40 x 180 cm

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The Ripple Cashmere Scarf
The Ripple Cashmere Scarf

The reason why

The flagship of our range, this 100% cashmere scarf is a true concentrate of know-how. Its sable finish - which gives it a unique touch and softness - requires 15 days of work. Patience, precision and passion are necessary for the few workshops which still master this know-how.

1 of the 3 best cashmere in the world

At Atelier Particulier, materials is a serious matter. We are constantly on the lookout for the finest materials. This is why we carefully choose our partners. We surround ourselves with the best spinners and weavers.
This time, our quest took us to England, on the road to exceptional cashmere. Our workshop has been making its pieces for over 200 years from the best possible cashmere.

The "Ripple" finish, a concentrate of know-how

Our workshop makes its pieces with the best cashmere (Grade A), from sustainable farms in Mongolia. But above all, our workshop is one of the last to carry out the finishing known as "Ripple". Using thistles (yes yes, the spiky plant you know), the artisans meticulously scrape the fiber, to give it its wavy and reflecting aspect so particular. This type of finishing is rare because it is long (15 days are necessary) and expensive (still carried out partly by hand).

Founded in 1767

Did you know? In the North of England, the Yorkshire Dales Park is the source of pure and soft water. That's why the textile industry has been growing there since the 16th century. Since 1767, our workshop has developed its savoir-faire in cashmere products. Cashmere only. From raw wool to finish, it's developed a savoir-faire illustrated by its major role within the Sustainable Fibre Alliance. This international organisation aims at promoting sustainability within the whole cashmere industry.


A cloud of sweetness

If cashmere is so popular in winter, it is above all for its incomparable softness. 5 times thinner than a hair (15 microns against 70), cashmere has a rather unique power, it is "comforting"! Almost bewitching. And that’s why the material is so addictive.
The Sable Cashmere Scarf is so soft it's hard to pull off. Once in the hands of our customers, 100% were won over.