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The Alpine Wool Cap

Made in Portugal, in São Joao da Madeira 


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Made in Portugal
In a workshop founded in 1961
Heir to a century-old hatmaker's know-how, the "Fabrica Nova"
Spinning and weaving of 100% Savoyard wool
by Arpin, a family workshop founded in 1817
Labelled as a Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant
100% French alpine wool (350g/m2)
Adjustable strap in vegetable-tanned Italian cowhide leather
Zamak silver "finish" metalwork
Waterproof and comfortable quilted lining
Cotton cleaners
One size

Designed for winter: waterproof, very warm, windproof and easy to maintain.

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The Alpine Wool Cap
The Alpine Wool Cap

The reason why

In the Atelier Particulier team, the cap is an accessory that has attracted us for many years. Aesthetic, practical and with a beautiful history, we wanted to exploit its full potential. From this desire was born a cap made in Portugal - by a workshop with an atypical history - from 100% French Arpin wool which has accompanied mountaineers and explorers for 203 years. And that's all there is to it.

From Lady Di to Steven Spielberg to your head

In 100 years, the cap has been worn in almost every register, in every style and by every type of person. Having said that, the cap, as we like it these days, is still very much alive.
As a poor relative of the accessories, we wanted to give it back its letters of nobility. Firstly, by going to find a 100% French Alpine wool and then by entrusting the making to a Portuguese hatter's workshop, heir to a long tradition. Here is the result.

Cocorico - A wool 100% Made in France

Arpin 1817 has been perpetuating Savoy wool know-how for 8 generations and 200 years.
Fully integrated into its territory, Arpin transforms the wool from the mountain pastures that surround it. Rare enough to underline it, its iconic fabrics are entirely made from A to Z in its workshop in Séez. Arpin masters each stage: washing, carding, spinning and weaving are notably carried out on site. And the fringing is still done by hand... Unique in France, this know-how is recognised by the state label "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant".

An explorer's cap

Ready to become a modern-day adventurer?
Few know it, but for 203 years Arpin has been equipping the most renowned mountaineers and explorers. Paul Émile Victor, founder and leader of the "Expéditions Polaires Françaises" is one of them. And he would never set off on an adventure without his Arpin wool.
By choosing an Arpin wool for our cap, we have chosen to offer you a beautiful wool with properties designed for extreme explorers: warm, robust, breathable and perfectly waterproof. 

All the finishes of a quality cap

To honour the Aravis d'Arpin fabric, we and our workshop have been meticulous about the finishes:
- The visor is lined and reinforced - more durable it will not sag.
- The back strap is adjustable and made from Italian vegetable-tanned cowhide leather - the leather will naturally acquire a patina over time.
- The metalwork is made of zamak, with a silver "finish" - therefore solid and elegant.
And for comfort, we have selected a quilted lining that is both soft and cosy. Then we added a thick, absorbent foam-cotton strip for cleanliness.

The hatmaker's know-how in the spotlight

We found our workshop in Portugal, in São Joao da Madeira. A double specialist, he is both a leatherworker and hatter. Indeed, a few kilometres away is one of the most renowned hatteries in Portugal, the "Fabrica Nova".
Although the workshop was at the origin of the training and transmission of the Portuguese hatter's know-how in the 20th century, it has oscillated between periods of prosperity and decline. It finally closed its doors in 1995. The end of a story? No, because in order to preserve the know-how, our workshop bought back the machines and hired the craftsmen. A nice gesture.

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