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The Cashmere, Wool & Silk Scarf

Made in France, in Les Vilettes 


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A family workshop founded in 1940
One of the last knitting workshops in Auvergne
Labelled Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV)
Labelled Origine France Garantie
"Point-de-riz" stitch made on 81-year-old Rachel looms
Blend of Italian wool, from the Filati Power spinning mill
(50% merino, 35% cashmere & 15% silk)
A soft & light blend, developed for fragile skin.

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The Cashmere, Wool & Silk Scarf
The Cashmere, Wool & Silk Scarf

The reason why

Our knitting workshop is located between Saint-Etienne and Lyon. A resistant. This workshop founded in 1940 is one of the last weavers in the region. There, Marc passes on the know-how inherited from his father to his daughter Chloé. Conquered by his rare energy, we have created a unique scarf for you.

A scarf like no other

We wanted to offer you a piece made in France in one of the last weavers' workshops in the region (which has the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant label) from a beautiful Italian wool. A successful wager? One thing is certain, whether it is its artisanal heritage, its rare material or its highly textured "Point-de-riz" knitting stitch, this scarf is not like the others.

The excellence of Auvergne weavers

Oscillating between tradition and modernity, the workshop specialises in the manufacture of hats and scarves. Even today, it is still able to manually operate "Rachel" looms dating from its creation (1940). It is this know-how that gives birth to this very specific "point-de-riz". Textured, the "point-de-riz" knitting has a hand all in relief, but with great lightness. We love it because it doesn't reduce the softness of the wool in any way. Quite the contrary. It makes it soft

The EPV label for dummies

Very selective, the EPV label has less than 1,500 members after 15 years of existence. In total, the EPV label supports a network of more than 65,000 jobs in France. Only the best can obtain it. An exceptional label, therefore, which we support on a daily basis by working hand in hand with several EPV-labelled workshops. And one more today!

Thought for baby skins

Beautiful craftsmanship also means exceptional materials. It is in Italy, near Rome, that we found the thread of our scarf. A blend of 55% Merino Wool, 35% Cashmere and 15% Silk. Originally, this material was originally intended for baby and children's garments. A warm, light and very soft fabric, adapted to the most sensitive skins. You will appreciate it, that's for sure ;-)

A family story

For 81 years, the know-how of the workshop has been passed on from generation to generation. As in the beginning, Chloé and her family have kept a clear course: to enhance and preserve the regional expertise of their know-how. A beautiful mission that we are keen to share with you today. Because it is still possible to offer high quality pieces, made according to the rules of the art in France. The proof.

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