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The Women Cashmere Gloves

Knitted in Scotland, Highlands 


(Traditional Luxury: €100-150)
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Woven in Scotland, Highlands
by the oldest Scottish workshop (founded in 1797)
Sustainable Fiber Alliance member
100% Cashmere (A Grade)
Heather colours
Button loop
One size - Women

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The Women Cashmere Gloves
The Women Cashmere Gloves

The reason why

This season, to get through winter without batting an eyelid, treat yourself to a pair of Cashmere Gloves as soft as they are warm!
Cashmere is one of the warmest natural materials in the world. It must be said that this fiber is used to extreme situations. In Inner Mongolia, the cashmere goat can withstand temperatures down to -40 °. As much to say to you that you will be very warm.

1 of the 3 best cashmere in the world

At Atelier Particulier, materials is a serious matter. We are constantly on the lookout for the finest materials. This is why we carefully choose our partners. We surround ourselves with the best spinners and weavers.
This time, our quest took us to Scotland, on the road to exceptional cashmere. Our workshop has been making its pieces for over 200 years from the best possible cashmere.

1797, date of creation of our workshop

In the 18th century, Scotland and England already enjoyed a good reputation in the textile world in Europe. Our workshop, founded in 1797, is one of them.
This small Scottish factory - the second oldest in the country - is also the most respected today. Why ? Because it has specialized for a very long time in quality "exotic" fibers, in particular cashmere.

Even softer than baby's skin

If cashmere is so popular in winter, it is above all for its incomparable softness. 5 times thinner than a hair (15 microns against 70), cashmere has a rather unique power: it is "comforting"! Almost bewitching. And that’s why the material is so addictive.
Our Cashmere Gloves are so soft it's hard to come off. They offer you wearing comfort and optimal protection for winter.

A quality cashmere, and committed

Our workshop makes its pieces with the best cashmere (Grade A), from sustainable farms in Mongolia. In partnership with the Substainable Fiber Alliance, it supports and preserves the most sustainable, ethical and qualitative cashmere production techniques.
In a globalized world where you always want more quality, durability and transparency, we are very proud to offer you the flagship of cashmere (= less than 5% of total cashmere production).