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The Cashmere Women Sweater

Made in Italy, Florence 


(Traditional Luxury: €800-1000)

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A family knitting workshop near Florence
100% cashmere from Loro Piana
Cashmere Grade A - 38/40 mm, less than 15 microns - 27Nm
Reinforced ribs and doubled at the collar
Mesh: 2 threads - 12 gauge
(the right thickness, neither too thick nor too thin)
Fitted cut
NB1: 1,000 pieces available - limited sale to 2 sweaters / customer
NB2: Careful ! If you order other pieces in addition to your pre-ordered sweater, the delivery will be done in 1 time (end of October)

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The Cashmere Women Sweater
The Cashmere Women Sweater

The reason why

In 2013, we enjoyed a trip to Italy to visit the factory store of one of our favorite luxury brands: Loro Piana. On the program, exceptional materials and a timeless style.
But luxury has a price. After a few minutes, the chopper falls. Nothing was affordable for us. Disillusioned, we promised ourselves that one day, if we released a sweater, it would be a cashmere from Loro Piana.
This day has arrived. Our 100% cashmere sweater from Loro Piana is waiting for you :-)

Loro Piana, the king of cashmere

Loro Piana, the Italian "Hermès", is THE leading cashmere specialist. Many consider it as the most beautiful in the world. A pure cashmere (natural, without softener or chemicals) that is a guarantee of longevity and softness.
To be honest with you, accessing this cashmere has not been easy. It took us nearly 1 year of intense research.



The best (and most respectful) farms only

Cashmere comes originally from a specific goat breed: the Capra Hircus. But today, with the democratization of cashmere, we are witnessing risky crosses between subspecies of goats, intensive rearing - sometimes in disastrous conditions (for the environment and for the goats themselves).
Not at Loro Piana!
For 6 generations, Maison Loro Piana has been selecting only the best farms and therefore the best wool.

More than 350 quality control measures

Once the wool is obtained, a new phase of selection takes place! Loro Piana systematically analyzes each batch of cashmere bought.
Microscopes magnify the fiber 34,000 times and achieve a minimum of 350 measurements. And up to 1,000, if necessary. They measure the length of the fibers, the height of the scales of the fiber, etc. If a lot does not fit the criteria, it will not be stamped Loro Piana.
In the end, there is only the very best of cashmere.



2 timeless models

To knit this sweater, we asked for a family workshop based in the Florence region, in Italy.
We created 2 timeless models - a man and a woman ones: a slightly adjusted cut, a mesh "gauge 14" (so neither too thin nor too thick), solid and classic colors, a round neck.
The finishes are well-made: the ribbed edges have been reinforced and even doubled at the collar, for the best durability, and the raglan sleeves (ie. without any seams at shoulders) improves both the cut and the comfort.
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