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The Cashmere, Wool & Silk Scarf

Beige -

Our knitting workshop is located between Saint-Etienne and Lyon. A resistant. This workshop founded in 1940 is one of the last weavers in the region. There, Marc passes on the know-how inherited from his father to his daughter Chloé. Conquered by his rare energy, we have created a unique scarf for you.

The Angora Pack

Navy -

Many of you asked us for a matching hat and scarf. Your wish is granted! With this 2-in-1 pack, you can't go wrong: a Scottish workshop founded in 1845, a rare wool (combining lamb's wool & angora), a “Pineapple” knitting stitch with a unique relief. A nice gift to offer or to offer yourself :-)


The Ripple Cashmere Scarf

Navy & Green Stripes -

The flagship of our range, this 100% cashmere scarf is a true concentrate of know-how. Its sable finish - which gives it a unique touch and softness - requires 15 days of work. Patience, precision and passion are necessary for the few workshops which still master this know-how.

The Pilling Comb

Natural -

Do you have a scarf or a sweater from us? Then the pilling comb is the essential accessory! It will allow you to gently remove fluff and pilling from your favorite woolen pieces.