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The Chinato Silk Tie

Blue -

Two years ago, we unearthed the best hidden know-how in Paris: a hundred-year-old cravat workshop.
With it, we wanted to offer you a piece of character (that you won't see everywhere) made to last. And to help us in this mission, we asked our community for help. As a result, this tie was created by you. 


The Cashmere Tie

Forest Green Melange -

Our passion for Italian craftsmanship has brought us to Como, the great bastion of the tie. There, we found a workshop founded in 1900 that makes Italian ties in the old-fashioned way. Our Cashmere Tie is a great example. It is a perfect mix of traditional craftsmanship and modern style. And to go a little further, we have chosen a slightly chiné cashmere which brings pep. You're welcome ;)